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Composite cutting challenges: materials of the future

From automotive to nautics, from sport to wind power, through aerospace and medical, composite materials are expanding in many application fields.

Their main features, high resistance and low specific weight, make them the ideal solution for different applications.
Born from the union of two or more different materials joined together, matrix + reinforcement, a composite guarantees superior and different properties if compared to the starting constituents taken individually.
The performance that can be achieved change based on the component materials, the geometries and the production process.

Machines for processing composites follow the evolution and complexity of these materials, aiming for high quality standards.

The cutting is carried out with semi-automated CNC machines housing a series of tools which have been chosen based on the material to be cut. An intuitive, easy-to-understand HMI and programs that optimize the process, minimizing wastes, make continuous cutting possible for supporting or increasing production rates.

Application fields

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Our cutting solution: SM-322-TA for cutting composites

The cutting of preimpregnated materials or prepreg

A pre-impregnated fabric is a semi-finished product whose fibers are already impregnated with resin in the right proportions. This constant, matrix/fiber ratio, guarantees an essential requirement to obtain repeatable results.

When it comes to cutting prepreg materials, the type of fibers, as well as resins used, but also processes, volumes, production times and application fields should always be taken into consideration. The different cutting technologies are not indiscriminately suitable for all materials, each fabric must be evaluated carefully. The choice of the most proper technology will affect the precision and general quality of the parts in production.

Automatic cutting is carried out with semi-automated CNC machines or plotters.

Prepregs cut by our machine





Different cutting technologies: blade, ultrasonic or laser

When it comes to cutting prepreg materials, to obtain a precise cut but also to leave unaltered the properties of the material that will undergo subsequent processing, there are many factors to consider.

There is no universal technology for cutting prepregs, each decision must be evaluated with the support of industry experts.

Concerning automatic cutting, there are different technologies available on the market: blade cutting, ultrasonic cutting, laser cutting. Each of them will give a different result, in terms of cutting. Let’s compare them.

Cutting precisionHighHighHigh
Edges CutPrecise, cleanPrecise, cleanYellowed, burned
Cutting SpeedHighHighDepends on the thickness
Air TreatmentNot neededNot neededNeeded
Safety device maskNot neededNot neededNeeded
VersatilityHighMediumLimited to low thickness
Our cutting solution

SM-332-TA for cutting prepreg composites.

With over 20 years of experience in the design of semi-automatic machines for cutting technical fabrics and industrial materials, SolarEdge Automation Machines has concentrated technical capabilities, know-how and experience gained in the field in the SM-332-TA. A plotter with a wide range of solutions for cutting composite materials.

The SM-332-TA is a reliable cutting machine with a robust structure. Optimized for cutting composite materials, it features, a wide choice for customization and versatility to meet each of our customers needs.

Technical specifications

  • Cutting speed up to 90 m/min.
  • Acceleration up to 1G
  • Accuracy +/- 0.1mm
  • Repeatability +/- 0.05 mm
  • Available in various sizes
  • Double housing for interchangeable tools
  • Laser pointer
  • Marker holder
  • Housing for two punching tools
  • Industrial conveyor belt
  • Unloading area for cut material
  • Triple system for transporting the fabric (pressing bar, grippers and conveyor belt)
  • Marker
  • Laser pointer to determine dynamic zero
  • Drag knife
  • Vibrating knife
  • Non-motorized roller blade
  • Motorized roller blade
  • Kiss cut
  • V-cut
  • Vibrating V-cut
  • Milling unit
  • Punching tool
  • Creasing unit
  • Ultrasonic blade
  • EasyWork Xtreme
  • Automatic nesting
  • Splitbox
  • Barcode reading
  • Easy Production Management System (EPMS)
  • Easy Data Monitoring System

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5 Reasons for choosing the SM-332-TA

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And after the purchase?

Our work does not end with the delivery and installation of the machine, because our customers are, first and foremost, commercial partners and contributing to their success is one of our main objectives. Service department made up of technicians, back-office support and remote assistance specialists.


Cutting prepregs requires careful evaluation of the specific material to be processed of its components, production needs and type of final application.

This analysis will lead to the definition of the proper machine configuration.

Thanks to the wide choice of technologies, tools and accessories, the SM-332-TA offers solutions that perfectly meet the customer’s needs.

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Plug & Play

Our cutting machine has double hubs and can house up to two tools at the same time, in addition to the marker, the laser pointer and the possibility of having two punching tools.

The great advantage is the quick tool exchange: you can change the tool in just a few steps, all in less than 1 minute.

If the customer decides to extend the product line and cut new materials, or simply start cutting with a new cutting technology, it’s sufficient to purchase the desired tool and proceed with the change. The solution in a few simple steps.

Safety Systems

The SM-332-TA is equipped with an advanced safety system, aimed at ensuring the safety of the operator. Radar sensors on the deck and cutting head ensure that operator can work safely.

When an obstacle is detected, the machine automatically stops at a pre-set safety distance of 500 mm (radar placed on the head) or 800 mm (radar placed on the deck).

Versatility and reliability

The SM-332-TA was born as a highly flexible machine, designed to maximize production efficiency and meet a wide range of cutting requirements.

The experience gained over the years and careful design have led to the development of a machine with a robust structure with quality components and high performance.

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